This week, we’ve collected articles providing insights on Big Data, how it’s gathered, interpreted and the results your organization can expect. 

Improving Machine Learning With Big Data-Driven Algorithms 

By Erin McNemar, contributing writer for 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers examined the issue of shortcuts in a popular machine learning method and proposed a solution forcing the model to use more data in its decision-making to avoid pitfalls. 


Data Analytics Helps Healthcare CRE’s Broader Strategy, Not the Bullseye 

By Natalie Dolce, contributing writer for 

During an exclusive fireside chat hosted by JLL at GlobeSt. Healthcare Real Estate, a national conference, experts explored how big data is used to help clients make informed real estate decisions. Topics discussed include what does “big data” mean, how it is gathered and interpreted, and what type of tangible results it has produced.  


Betting On Big Data? Company Execs Share Data Trends To Watch 

By Expert Panel, contributing writers for 

With artificial intelligence software programs and analytical expert consulting firms onboard to help companies keep track of their key performance indicators—whether they are up or down, it’s often much easier to anticipate evolving mega-trends—like big data, year after year, but nothing is a guarantee for any business. Therefore, C-level leaders must tread the waters lightly as they carefully decide which direction to take their company next. 


Big Data Analytics Demand Leads To Over 30% Growth Rate In The Data Science Platform Market 

By Oliver Guirdham, contributing writer for 

The increase in demand for big data analytics is expected to propel the growth of the data science platform market during the forecast period. Big data analytics employs advanced analytic techniques to analyze a mixture of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data collected by businesses and entities. Data science is the practice of extracting important information from data using advanced analytics techniques and scientific principles for enterprise decisions, strategic planning, and other purposes. For instance, according to Techjury, a US-based software company, the big data analytics sector is projected to reach $77 billion by 2023. Therefore, the increasing demand for big data analytics drives the growth of the data science platform market. 


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