This week, we’ve collected articles that look at the necessity to ‘spring clean’ your data (and beyond). We look at what’s really needed for true digital transformation and we consider the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence to train students to be stronger debaters. Then, we examine eight ways in which machine learning impacts day-to-day customer relationships. And we learn strategies that will help build multichannel donor relationships for your nonprofit.

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Data: Get Started with These 3 Steps

by Jeff Kostermans, contributing writer for

Dirty data creates inefficiencies, wastes time, and slows down marketing and sales efforts. In fact, Salesforce found that simply finding the right person to contact is one of the top five activities reps say they spend too much time on, and 50 percent of reps feel they spend too much time trying to find the right person to contact. Taking the time needed to scrub your data will pay off quickly and immensely. It’s time for some spring cleaning. Here are three useful tips to keep in mind when cleaning up your data.


There’s No Tech Silver Bullet for Digital Transformation

by Richard Seroter, commentary for

A lot of people believe digital transformation begins and ends with the latest trends in technology. And while technology is a part of it, it’s not the complete answer. It’s about the people. To be successful in today’s high-velocity business environment, senior leaders must foster the right culture, one that craves customer feedback, iterates constantly, and delivers customer value. There are four common traits of executives and organizations that will be successful with digital transformation. Find out what they are.


Arguing With AI

by Lindsay McKenzie for

IBM has developed Artificial Intelligence technology, called Project Debater, that can debate humans. The main application for this technology lends itself to higher education. It could be used to help train college debaters to become more persuasive and make well-informed decisions. But experts are divided over the promise of computer-assisted debate coaching. On one hand, machines can analyze unfathomable amounts of data, making them a strong, smart opponent. On the other hand, humans can present information in ways that appeal to other humans–and AI lacks in the ‘soft skills’ of debate.


8 Ways Machine Learning Will Impact Day-To-Day Customer Interactions

by Scott Gerber, contributing writer for

Advancements in artificial intelligence are occurring rapidly, with more products incorporating this technology every year. So it’s more important than ever to understand the impact of AI and machine learning, and properly leverage it to improve your business—especially when it comes to interacting with or serving your customers. Learn eight ways that AI and machine learning affect day-to-day interactions with customers, as reported by eight members of the Young Entrepreneur Council.


4 Strategies to Build Multichannel Donor Relationships

by Pat Farrell, for

Multichannel donors are everywhere. They not only give through website and emails but also engage with social media posts, attend your fundraising events and volunteer. Data shows that donors who engage with your nonprofit in multiple ways stick around longer, and in turn, give more. In more ways than one. They truly believe in what you do. You should aim to have all of your donors interact with your organization in the same way that this group does. Here are four strategies to implement to make that happen.


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