In this week’s roundup, we share ways to align sales and marketing teams with analytics and talk about why every CEO needs a Chief Analytics officer to manage technology systems. We also discuss how Wall Street’s traders are thinking smarter by using machine-driven models. Lastly, we look at healthcare’s opportunity for data use and how used car managers will need to be tech-savvy to compete in the future.

Using Analytics to Align Sales and Marketing Teams

by Andris A. Zoltners, PK Sinha, and Sally E. Lorimer, featured on Harvard Business Review 

As customers have begun interacting with sellers through websites, emails, texts, social media, print and TV ads, and salespeople, it’s become difficult for sales and marketing to synchronize their communications.  Many companies are turning to computer-based orchestration to align teams and activities.


Why every CEO in America Needs a Chief Analytics Officer (CAO)

by Anthony Branda, MBA, Ph.D., Kevin Kramer, Ph.D. featured on LinkedIn

Companies are waking up to the new age of a data-centric world which is creating C-level members turning to their CEO’s for access to the latest and greatest tools. The challenge is while each team wants more, no one is looking at the company in a holistic way to ensure the new tools will improve the bottom line and ensure customer satisfaction. Enter the rise of Chief Analytics Officers.


The Last Bastion Of Human Trading Is Giving Up To The Algorithmic Overlords

By Mark Melin, Writer for

One of the last human points of resistance to the algorithmic take-over of professional trading can be found in the fixed-income trading desk. While traders work on building trust they are finding the integration of the trust and data to create a new path forward.


You Have to Learn to Walk Before You Can Run With Predictive Analytics

By David Raths, Contributing Editor for

The survey of 100 health IT leaders found that approximately 7 out of 10 hospitals and health systems say they are taking some action to formulate or execute a strategy for predictive analytics. But despite the buzz and potential, there are obstacles for health systems that want to turn their big data into actionable insights.


Used-Car Managers Need Data Skills

By David Muller, Retail Reporter for

The next-generation used-car manager is data savvy and has more technical know-how than the used-car managers of old.  New managers will need to study the cost to acquire each vehicle in totality, including the wholesale purchase price, auction fees, transportation costs, and any anticipated reconditioning costs. They also are tasked with monitoring market-day supply, scarcity and the dealership group’s experience with comparable vehicles.



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