AI bias can create real and harmful impacts. Plus, actionable data leading to more successful customer experiences. And see how AI is changing the climate change trajectory. 

Artificial intelligence can discriminate on the basis of race and gender, and also age 

By Charlene Chu, Kathleen Leslie, Rune Nyrup, Shehroz Khan, contributing writers for 

We have accepted the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in complex processes—from health care to our daily use of social media—often without critical investigation, until it is too late. The use of AI is inescapable in our modern society, and it may perpetuate discrimination without its users being aware of any prejudice. When health-care providers rely on biased technology, there are real and harmful impacts. 


Why data-driven decision-making is the foundation of successful CX 

By Corey Patterson, contributing writer for 

Without actionable data, customer experience strategies are doomed to fail. Lisa Loftis, Principal of Customer Intelligence Solutions at SAS, discussed some interesting CX findings from Futurum Research in her presentation at our MarTech conference. 


How Logistics Procedure Optimization With AI Can Help Diminish The Transportation Sector’s Environmental Impact 

By Dmitri Fedortchenko, contributing writer for 

In the opening days of COP26, it became clear that the event would not accomplish the lofty goals necessary to tackle the climate crisis. For example, instead of agreeing to and implementing concrete policies, world leaders at the G20 summit all threw coins into the Trevi Fountain in Rome for “luck” to face the climate crisis. 


2022 Can Be Insurance’s Big Data Moment 

By Robert Clark, contributing writer for 

The insurance industry has a history of following other industries when it comes to adopting emerging technologies. While this has been OK in the past for managing customer relationships, the last 18 months have taught every industry the importance of customer relationships and strategically leveraging the right technologies to protect them. Thankfully insurance has one advantage over most industries in that it has been customer-centric from its very foundation. The current era has opened the door for new opportunities for insurers to increase the lifetime value of their customer relationships becoming an even more reliable partner during times of uncertainty. This article will outline a few major reasons that in my decades of experience in the industry I believe 2022 is when insurance can become a standard-bearer regarding innovative uses of big data and analytics. 


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