Generative AI vs. machine learning: How are they different?

By Stephen J. Bigelow, contributing writer for

Machine learning and AI are transforming how businesses operate: improving efficiency, streamlining workflows, maintaining security and compliance, and creating new opportunities for revenue and growth.


To predict consumer behavior retailers turn to data analytics

By J.P. Pressley, contributing writer

Retailers best serve customers when they can identify their needs and proactively meet them. That’s why accurately predicting consumer behavior is so important. It might not always be easy — Walmart’s top executives anticipate that it will be harder to make these predictions in 2024 as financial strain pushes customers to be more cautious about spending — but it is essential to maximizing the customer experience and a retailer’s operations. And using data analytics, accurately predicting consumer behavior remains very feasible.


Revolutionizing marketing: The convergence of data science and AI

By Elijah Clark, contributing writer for

In marketing, the convergence of data science and artificial intelligence is not just a trend; it’s a revolution. This powerful synergy transforms how businesses predict market trends, understand consumer behavior and influence it more effectively.


Revolutionizing agriculture: Machine learning unveils optimal microbial strains for drought mitigation

By Spectroscopy Staff, contributing writers for

A new study conducted at the University of Szczecin and various research institutions in Poland is transforming agriculture by leveraging machine learning to forecast the most effective microbial strains for alleviating drought impacts. Published in the journal Agriculture (Volume 13, Issue 8), the study titled “Machine Learning Approaches for Forecasting the Best Microbial Strains to Alleviate Drought Impact in Agriculture” introduces a paradigm-shifting method to enhance crop resilience and productivity.


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