Leading companies are combining analytic tools with team skills to optimize decision-making and become insight generators. See how researchers are testing whether popular methods for understanding machine-learning models are working correctly. Plus, you might not believe the predictions for what the value of big data will be in the next 5 years. Lastly, the evolution of advertising and how ML is a game changer. 

Since Data Scientists Don’t Do Business Decisions — Businesses Need Decision Scientists 

By Erik Larson, contributing writer for Forbes.com 

Twenty years ago, there was a great reckoning in the market research industry. After spending decades mastering the collection and analysis of survey data, the banality of research-backed statements like “consumers don’t like unhealthy products” belied the promise of consumer understanding. Instead of actionable insights, business leaders received detailed reports filled with charts and tables providing statistically proven support for research findings that did little to help decision-makers figure out what to do. 


How well do explanation methods for machine-learning models work? 

By Adam Zewe, contributing writer for News.MIT.edu 

Imagine a team of physicians using a neural network to detect cancer in mammogram images. Even if this machine-learning model seems to be performing well, it might be focusing on image features that are accidentally correlated with tumors, like a watermark or timestamp, rather than actual signs of tumors. 


Big data analytics expected to grow to $100B in value by 2027 

By Dmytro Spilka, contributing writer for Venturebeat.com 

As the world online becomes increasingly congested in the wake of competitors discovering the potential of a rapidly accelerating market, big data analytics is quickly becoming an essential way for businesses to outperform their many rivals. With this in mind, how best can companies tap into the wealth of data left behind by consumers to better understand the ways they can mould their marketing campaigns? 


How Machine Learning Is Shaping The Future Of Advertising 

By Wendy Gonzalez, contributing writer for Forbes.com 

Once associated with big New York City offices, patriarchal workplace culture and multi-million dollar budgets, the advertising industry has evolved considerably in the past century. Now diversified and modernized, remnants of the mid-century Madison Avenue advertising ecosystem are few and far between.  


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