The Top-4 digital transformation initiatives from MIT Sloan to help organizations be successful and resilient during a disruption. Plus, key steps for overcoming potentially harmful or unacceptable AI bias. Also this week, chemists have jumped into machine learning to crack the oxidation states of crystal structures. And finally, what it means to future proof your business by feeding the marketing machines, better data, better culture, and better basics. 

4 digital transformation insights from MIT Sloan Management Review  

By Brian Eastwood, contributing writer for 

Companies around the world are adapting to new ways of doing business, with automation and artificial intelligence playing an important role amid the ongoing pandemic. These insights from MIT Sloan Management Review can help ensure digital transformation initiatives are successful while also resilient in the face of new disruption. 


3 principles for protecting the world from A.I. bias 

By Rob Thomas, contributing writer for 

Until the late 1960s, we knew very little information about what went into the foods we bought. Americans prepared most food at home, with fairly common ingredients. We didn’t see much need to know more. Then, food production began to evolve. Our foods contained more artificial additives. In 1969, a White House conference recommended the Food and Drug Administration take on a new responsibility—developing a new way to understand the ingredients and nutrition of what we eat. 


Machine learning cracks the oxidation states of crystal structures  

By Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, contributor writers for 

Chemical elements make up pretty much everything in the physical world. As of 2016, we know of 118 elements, all of which can be found categorized in the famous periodic table that hangs in every chemistry lab and classroom. 


Feed the Marketing Machines, Future-Proof Your Business 

By Michael Mathias, contributing writer for 

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) adoption continues to grow, accelerating workflows, reducing manual efforts, driving decision-making, and making the impossible, possible — targeted, personalized and elevated digital experiences at scale. 


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