5 ways machine learning prevents the growing risk of fraud

By Vyacheslav Zholudev, contributing writer for Techradar.com

The whole world is watching AI. On the heels of President Biden’s Executive Order and the UK AI Safety Summit drawing leaders from all over the globe, machine learning is the topic du jour. From tech companies creating their own version of AI chatbots to big box retailers implementing ML to providing shopping recommendations, everyone wants their own slice of the pie, slated to grow to 66.62 billion by 2024. It makes sense, as the potential of generative AI, a subset of machine learning, is unlimited and we only expect more industries to adopt AI into their businesses. As this democratization continues, so does the risk AI carries. It will become far easier for individuals to attempt fraud through deepfakes, advanced algorithms and other methods. But businesses are not defenseless.


From predictive analytics to robot assistants: How tech is reshaping plant maintenance

By Somen Sarkar, contributing writer for Reliableplant.com

In the world of industrial operations and manufacturing, plant maintenance has always been a critical function. Ensuring the smooth functioning of machinery, minimizing downtime, and maximizing efficiency are essential to the success of any production facility.


How machine learning is transforming the financial industry

By Daniel Parente, contributing writer for Medium.com

The financial industry has always relied heavily on using data to model risks, identify opportunities, and optimize decisions. Today, machine learning is taking financial data science to new levels — analyzing massive datasets, uncovering subtle patterns, and powerfully predicting future outcomes. These AI-powered models are being woven into countless processes in banking, insurance, trading firms, and more.


Generative AI vs predictive AI: What’s the difference?

By Aminu Abdullahi, contributing writer for eWeek.com

Both generative AI and predictive AI use advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to address complex business and logistical challenges.


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