In this week’s roundup, discover the ethics of AI and how optimization can help businesses prepare for quantum computing future.  Plus, learn how customer analytic tools democratize data and tips for adopting enterprise machine learning.  And finally, understand how decision intelligence can revamp decision making.

Ethics of AI: Benefits and risks of artificial intelligence

By Tiernan Ray, contributing writer for

In 1949, at the dawn of the computer age, the French philosopher Gabriel Marcel warned of the danger of naively applying technology to solve life’s problems.

Life, Marcel wrote in Being and Having, cannot be fixed the way you fix a flat tire. Any fix, any technique, is itself a product of that same problematic world, and is therefore problematic, and compromised.


How Optimization Can Help Your Business Prepare For A Possible Quantum Computing Future

By Ed Rothberg, contributing writer for

Quantum computing, which has been around for decades, has been generating a lot of buzz in the business world recently. The hype surrounding quantum computers has hit a fever pitch, and investment in these emerging technologies is soaring. According to a recent report, the quantum computing market is forecast to grow from $472 million in 2021 to $1.77 billion by 2026, representing a CAGR of 30.2%.


How Customer Analytics Tools Democratize Data

By Michele Szabocsik, a contributing writer for

More and more companies are looking for customer analytics tools that will enable their entire organization to apply advanced analytics, uncover meaningful customer insights, and quickly act on those insights to drive business growth.


Top 5 Tips for Adopting Enterprise Machine Learning

By A contributing writer for

When you first got your business off the ground, you may or may not have paid much attention to the technologies that would be available to you in the years to come—like machine learning. Machine learning was the stuff of science fiction just decades ago; now it’s practically everywhere.


Revamping the Decision with Decision Intelligence

By Monomita Chakraborty, contributing writer for

Artificial intelligence’s application in business is evolving as vast improvements in computing power allow for more complex tasks than ever before. Decision intelligence, which combines technology and business needs, enables businesses to think globally and respond more quickly than ever before.



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