In this week’s roundup, learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to generate a hypothesis around the ethical behavioral response to COVID-19 and how it will revolutionize energy to pave the way for smart grids. Listen to a new, friendly, AI voice that BBC has developed using machine learning (ML). Finally, dive into the five things you need to know before investing in AI, and understand how big pharma is using AI and ML in drug discovery.

Need a Hypothesis? This A.I. Has One

By Benedict Carey, contributing writer for

ML systems can do a lot of things, but formulating theories to explain human behavior isn’t one of them. The common understanding is that they can only be used to predict behavior, not explain the motivations behind that behavior. But, what if that’s not entirely true? A team of psychologists used a theory-blind, data-driven search of predictors to understand people’s behavioral response from an ethics standpoint during the pandemic. In this study, they used an ML algorithm to generate ideas, not just test them.


Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Energy, Earning Billions For Investors

by Ariel Cohen, contributing writer for

It is forecasted that the developing world will increase its energy utilization by 25% by 2050. According to Total SE, massive electrification of transportation will lead to decarbonization, requiring rapid growth in renewables as a source of electricity. This will cause an explosion of growth in AI utilization in the sector—up to 50% by 2024—to allow smart grids to become the standard.


BBC Launches Artificial Intelligence Tool to Read Its Articles to Listeners

By Shannon Bond, contributing writer for

The BBC is launching an audio tool that utilizes ML to create an automated voice that reads news articles from its website. The voice speaks in a friendly, easy to understand northern British accent, and was created using many hours of human recordings. The goal is to make the content more accessible, convenient, and easy to understand. Listen to this three-minute audio clip to learn more and hear the AI voice in action.


5 Things Your Company Should Know Before Investing in Artificial Intelligence

By NDS Labs for

The COVID-19 pandemic abruptly and drastically changed companies around the world, placing AI as a big differentiator between resilient businesses and those that have struggled. A recent study showed that 78% of companies surveyed say that they will continue to invest in AI in the same way as prior to the pandemic, with 20% saying they plan to increase their investment. Here are five things to keep in mind before investing in the technology.


Big Pharma is Using AI and Machine Learning in Drug Discovery and Development To Save Lives

By Zoe LaRock, contributing writer for

While the healthcare industry is rapidly adopting digital technology, the same cannot be said for the pharmaceutical industry. Big pharma has been slow to adopt and to implement AI and machine learning strategies. This makes broad scale digital transformation difficult. But the opportunities make the challenges worth it. AI and ML can help streamline every stage of the long and expensive drug discovery process. Read on to find out how.



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