Hybrid machine learning models transform rainfall-runoff predictions in Ethiopia

By contributing writers for Natureasia.com

The performances of four machine-learning models in accurately modelling the rainfall-runoff process, which is crucial for water-resource management and disaster prevention, were compared.


Generative AI and data analytics: Best practices

By Shelby Hiter, contributing writer for Eweek.com

Generative AI, with its ability to generate new data and parse meaning from existing data at scale, is increasingly being brought in to enhance data analytics and business intelligence.


Machine learning and data science are providing strategic insights

By Azamat Abdoullaev, contributing writer for Bbntimes.com

Organizations across the globe are turning to machine learning and data science to tap into its immense potential. Machine learning and data science are reshaping numerous industries, enabling smarter decision-making, improving customer experiences, and driving innovation to unprecedented heights.


Machine learning could boost antimicrobial resistance on farms

By Researchers at Nottingham University, contributing writers for Theengineer.co.uk

Conducted by Nottingham University, the study took place over two and a half years, analyzing microbiomes from chickens, carcasses and farm environments. The resulting network of correlations between livestock, environments, microbial communities and antimicrobial resistance suggested multiple possibilities for improving AMR surveillance in livestock production.


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