In this week’s roundup, artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to improve B2B companies and is contributing to IBM’s projects in outer space. Machine learning (ML) is now helping doctors predict heart failure, and NASA scientists are using AI to identify craters on Mars. Lastly, a Swiss company leveraged AI to create a unique and delicious IPA.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Used In B2B Companies: Here Are Powerful Examples

By Bernard Marr, contributing writer for

AI isn’t just for B2C companies. The technology offers compelling advantages for B2B businesses as well. Organizations that leverage AI can create better products and deliver superior service to customers. Additionally, AI can improve internal processes across departments, including in marketing, human resources, and finance. 


Open Source AI from IBM Is Heading Into Space

By Harias Elias, contributing writer for

IBM has plans to solve two problems in outer space with the help of AI. One project, dubbed KubeSat, is designed to solve issues with satellite communication. The other, called Space Situational Awareness, will help reduce the negative impact of the growing problem of space junk. 


Machine Learning Can Predict Heart Failure from a Single X-Ray

By Jessica Kent, contributing writer for

Although heart failure contributes to one in eight deaths in the United States, its onset has traditionally been difficult to diagnose. That might be changing based on a new machine learning model developed by researchers at MIT. While normally signs of heart failure are difficult to detect in x-rays, doctors could soon be able to do so with the help of the ML model, which will be tested in hospitals this fall. 


Scientists Use AI to Find Tiny Craters on Mars

By Amy Oliver, contributing writer for

Until recently, NASA scientists have spent an average of 40 minutes to identify the markings of craters on Mars by carefully combing through images taken by cameras on spacecraft. However, a new AI can perform the same task in five seconds. The technology will allow scientists to focus on confirming the findings and studying the changing landscape. 


There Is Already a Beer Created by Artificial Intelligence


Small craft brewers upended the beer industry over the past few decades, and now AI could be set to do the same. A Swiss company recently launched Deeper, a beer whose recipe was created by AI. The algorithm analyzed 157,000 recipes as well as market trends to select the ideal type of hops and malt to use for the unique IPA. 


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