4 major benefits of using AutoML over hand coding

By Miles Adkins, contributing writer for Thenewstack.io

Everywhere you look, companies are identifying ways to use data to improve or resolve business problems. Automated machine learning (AutoML) tools enable organizations to quickly, accurately and consistently develop and apply machine learning models at scale across their operations to address real-world issues rather than relying solely on data scientists to hand-code models.


How Artificial Intelligence bolsters global supply chains

By Craig Civil, contributing writer for Supplychainbrain.com

The continued disruption of supply chains suggests that the challenges of the COVID-19 era have been more than a blip in an otherwise stable period of global business. Supply chain professionals must consider that this instead marks the beginning of a new era of continuous disruption — and it’s time to take proactive action to prepare.


Why Decision Intelligence is the next digital transformation

By Mex Emini, contributing writer for Forbes.com

Decision intelligence (DI) is how people make business decisions, regardless of their role or industry. It bridges the gap between analytics-focused data and AI platforms.


3 ways AI and automation extend lifespan of social media content

By Simran Cashyap, contributing writer for Aithority.com

AI and automation are now part of most content marketing technology stacks. Today, any content creator will agree that producing high-quality content requires a significant investment of time, energy, and often budget. Whether you’re producing written articles, images, videos, or audio content like podcasts, ample work is involved from the research and planning stages all the way through to post-production and measuring success.


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