The evolution of AI; the impact on organizations from the top down, what role do human’s still need to play and how is it speeding up ecological surveys.  This week’s round up covers those topics and more, take a look.

The Evolution of AI: How Enterprises Grow to AI 2.0

By eWeek Editors, contributing writers for

Decades ago, artificial intelligence arrived with huge expectations for significant increases in efficiency and productivity. However, despite billions spent on technology, project after project stalled—mainly because challenges with company strategies, technical hurdles, and cultures kept the potential power of AI unrealized.


AI, Human Collaboration Improves Predictive Analytic Methods

By Erin McNemar, contributing writer for

According to a multi-institution research team, predictive analytics thrives with input from both artificial intelligence and humans.

“Predictive tasks are ubiquitous — any decision-making in any field or facet of life involves predicting the consequences of the available options before choosing them,” paper author and professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross Business School, Scott E. Page, said in a press release.


Artificial intelligence helps speed up ecological surveys

By Ecole Polytechnicque Federale de Lausanne, contributing writers for

Scientists at EPFL, the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research and Wageningen University & Research have developed a new deep-learning model for counting the number of seals in aerial photos that is considerably faster than doing it by hand. With this new method, valuable time and resources could be saved which can be used to further study and protect endangered species.


Saving seaweed with machine learning

By Mary Beth Gallagher, contributing writer for

Last year, Charlene Xia ’17, SM ’20 found herself at a crossroads. She was finishing up her master’s degree in media arts and sciences from the MIT Media Lab and had just submitted applications to doctoral degree programs. All Xia could do was sit and wait. In the meantime, she narrowed down her career options, regardless of whether she was accepted to any program.


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