In this week’s roundup, find out how humans stack up against algorithms and learn the role that AI is playing in strengthening and transforming industries around the world.  Plus, read how data democratization is helping organizations get closer to their vision.  And finally, discover what the most in-demand skills for Data Scientists are in 2021.

Did Humans Fail Against an Algorithm in Decision Making? 

By Apoorva Komarraju, contributing writer for 

In the digital age, algorithms crept their way into our lives. And while there is a growing concern about its intrusion, it seems like people are willing to trust computers more than fellow humans, especially if a task is too complex, according to data scientists at the University Of Georgia. 


65 Artificial Intelligence Statistics for 2021 and Beyond  

By Georgi Todorov, contributing writer for 

Artificial intelligence today plays a massive role in strengthening and transforming industries around the world. Many businesses fear they will invest in technology that will do them no good. However, a business’s only path to technical progress is through risk and confrontation. 


CFO’s Look to Automation and Data Analytics for Digital Transformation, Survey Finds 

by Richard Seeley, contributing writer for 

Optimism about digital transformation of financial operations appears to be the prevailing attitude among executives, according to a new survey released by AppZen, a vendor of AI software for finance. However, many held regrets about not transitioning sooner, and they face potential roadblocks. 


The Importance of Data Democratization in the Hybrid Office 

By Naveen Joshi, contributing writer for 

Data democratization is enabling individuals in organizations to access data without any bottlenecks to make data-based decisions. And this is helping organizations get closer to their vision of becoming fully data-driven. 


The Most In-Demand Skills for Data Scientists in 2021

By Terence Shin, contributing writer for

If you are preparing to make a career as a Data Scientist or are looking for opportunities to skill-up in your current role, this analysis of in-demand skills for 2021, based on over 15,000 Data Scientist job postings, should offer you a good idea as to which programming languages and software tools are increasing and decreasing in importance.




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