This week, we’ve gathered articles that touch on some of the shortcomings of Machine Learning and AI, and discuss what needs to happen in the future. We learn about the possibilities of data-driven Digital Out-of-Home advertising and we take a look at the state of fundraising for the year. And finally, we share why predictive analytics and machine learning are crucial for achieving a sales and marketing competitive advantage.

Not As Good As Gold: Today’s AI’s Are Dangerously Lacking in AU (Artificial Understanding)

by Doug Lenant, contributing writer for

Lenant makes the case that AI is moving into a potentially dangerous realm. He likens it to giving someone with impaired decision making abilities real-time-decision-making authority over the most important aspects of our lives. Why is this a problem? Because those people一and “emotionally impaired” AI programs一have trouble doing multi-step abstract reasoning. As a result, that limitation makes them brittle, especially when confronted by unfamiliar, unexpected and unusual situations. Or, a lack of understanding. Lenant dives deeper into this problem and offers a path out of this situation: what it is and how and when it will save us.


AI Hasn’t Found Its Isaac Newton: Gary Marcus on Deep Learning Defects & ‘Frenemy’ Yann LeCun

interview with Gary Marcus, Geometric Intelligence founder, for

Synced features an interview with Gary Marcus as the last installment in the Lunar New Year Project—a series of interviews with AI experts reflecting on AI development in 2018 and looking ahead to 2019. In the interview, Marcus speaks on the Twitter war with Facebook Chief AI Scientist Yann LeCun. He discusses how he’s criticized deep learning in the past, citing limitations, inconsistencies, and shortfalls. Finally, he discusses robotics as a research focus and discusses his expectations for AI in 2019.


2019 State of Fundraising Report

by Pat Farrell, written for

Get the latest trends and best practices in peer-to-peer fundraising. Learn data insights from nonprofit fundraising experts, and deep dives into fundraiser and donor data. Areas of focus are best practices, recruiting, retention, data, streaming and DIY. All this and more in the State of Fundraising 2019 Report.


What’s Possible With Data-Driven Digital Out-of-Home Today?

contributing writer Chitra Iyer, interviews Craig Benner, Accretive Media CEO, for

Out-of-Home (OOH) and its more recent technologically-enabled and data-driven cousin Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) are in the midst of a ‘reimagining’ by marketers. The sheer technological innovation, availability of locational and mobile data, and omnichannel environment has given marketers new ways to make the most of this exciting not-so-new medium. The use of data, targeting technology, and analytics is driving a shift from sheer reach to the quality of reach, segmentation and a better understanding of its effectiveness. Craig Benner, CEO of Accretive Media explains how.


Predictive Analytics: Ground Zero for Today’s B2B Sales and Marketing

by CIOReview for

Data generated by sales and marketing houses critical signals when it comes to the buyer journey. But, that data is underutilized. Sophisticated sales and marketing tools harness the data that organizations can use to create a central repository and building machine learning models powered by data to have a competitive edge. The organizations who fail to incorporate a predictive element into their customer engagement strategies will fail to take full advantage of the data. Read how using machine learning can capitalize on the data’s potential. And how the use of predictive analytics will help to identify the right target accounts so that the right customer journey, channel, and message are understood.



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