This week, we examine six data and analytics deals that changed the game this year, and how machine learning (ML) is transforming video advertising. We consider what—and who—is responsible for ensuring successful new technology adoption. And finally, we highlight how machine learning can pack an economic punch and provide a list of the top ten machine learning projects of 2020. 

6 Data and Analytics Deals that Changed the Game in 2019

by Jessica Davis, contributing writer for 

2019 was a huge year for the data and analytics marketplace, and it looks a lot different entering 2020 than it did at the beginning of the year. This is due to a handful of big acquisitions. This article looks at six deals that changed the game for the industry, highlighting a few trends along the way.


How Machine Learning Is transforming Video Advertising 

by Chris Graham, contributing writer for 

Buzzword-friendly technologies have a long history of being adopted by the advertising industry to attempt to legitimize to otherwise commoditized products: AI, Algorithmic, Programmatic, Dynamic Optimization, Cross-Platform, etc. In spite of most of these technologies being vastly overhyped, one technology has stood along in truly redefining the way we advertise: Machine Learning.


New Technology Adoption: Not an All or Nothing Proposition

by Jason Vera, contributing writer for

With such an abundance of technologies at our fingertips, you can’t deploy a technology and hope people use it. Successfully achieving adoption requires a strategy and effort. Enter the adoption champions. Champions act as cheerleaders, encouraging users to shift their habits toward more efficient and feature-rich ways of doing things — namely, adopting the technology you’ve paid for and deployed. 


When Machine Learning Packs an Economic Punch

by Peter Dizikes, contributing writer for

A new study shows that improved translation software can significantly boost international trade online, shows a new study. This is a notable case of machine learning having a big impact on economic activity. This research shows that after eBay improved its automatic translation program in 2014, sales increased by nearly 11 percent in countries that used the use system. 


Top 10 Machine Learning Projects of 2020

by Anirudh V K, contributing writer for 

With the rising adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and ML in the enterprise space, machine learning engineers are in high demand. This article is a cheat sheet of the top ten ML projects for beginners in 2020, along with the ML datasets required to gain experience of working on real-world problems. The projects have been divided based on tasks like classification, forecasting, prediction, and mining. 




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