This week, we examine machine learning’s impact on creativity and how to incorporate it into business intelligence. We consider how ML is impacting healthcare, and even take an interactive tour of the process of developing a model with a real example. And finally, we learn about the next generation of information fabric.

Why Creativity is Being Liberated By Data and Machine Learning

Interview with Justin Billingsley, Dawn Winchester, Andrew Shebbeare, and Vijay Sharma for 

Do machine learning and creativity conflict with each other? The short answer is: no. The team at Think With Google explores this concept by sitting down with Justin Billingsley, CEO at Publicis Emil; Dawn Winchester, the chief digital officer at Publicis North America; Andrew Shebbeare, co-founder and chairman of Essence; and Vijay Sharma, FlipKart’s head of digital media and brand marketing. They explain how creativity is being empowered by the most recent advances in technology, and why great creatives love data and automation.


12 Impactful Ways To Incorporate Machine Learning Into Business Intelligence

by the Forbes Technology Council for 

Business intelligence (BI)  is crucial to a company’s success, yet tools that can greatly improve BI are often not adequately leveraged. BI can be a game-changer, especially when coupled with machine learning. Used together, companies can experience improved productivity, quality, customer service, and more. Here are twelve ways ML and BI can have an impact on your business.


Forrester Analyst: Next Gen of Information Fabric Is Close 

by Joao-Pierre S. Ruth, contributing writer for 

This article covers a Denodo DataFest keynote by Forrester principal analyst, Michele Goetz, on data virtualization for the cloud, machine learning, and analytics. Goetz made the case that it is time to stop building monolithic systems and start weaving new data fabric that can manage information dynamically. This is evident by a movement that is happening in which enterprises are shifting to run on legacy algorithms instead of a more nimble architecture and processes.


5 Ways Machine Learning Is Redefining Healthcare

by Dr. Manjiri Bakre, contributing writer for

Machine learning (ML)  is more cost-effective and easy to access than ever before. And this has led to exciting new developments within the healthcare industry than ever before. For example, when it comes to cancer, ML can allow greater access to treatment, increase the sensitivity of cancer detection, and add more value in treatment decisions. These are just a few ways that machine learning is redefining healthcare. Continue reading to find out more.


A Visual Introduction To Machine Learning

resource featured on

In this interactive resource, use a data set about homes to create a machine learning model to distinguish homes in New York from homes in San Francisco. This visual introduction to machine learning is a great tool for anyone out there who is trying to wrap their heads around how machine learning can be used with a real example. Explore the process and considerations step-by-step to better your understanding of machine learning.


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