This week, we feature articles that cover the ways in which AI should be used for marketing, no matter how big or small your business. We highlight the delicate balance required to ensure your AI and Machine Learning strategies are done right. We share the important, symbiotic relationship required between Marketers and IT professionals when it comes to marketing technology implementations and management. And we learn how AI impacts jobs, personnel, our minds, and business applications.

When Marketers Run Technology, Where Does IT Fit?

by Bryan Yeager, Research Director at Gartner featured on

The lines between Marketing and IT roles have become increasingly blurred as Chief Marketing Officers own more technical implementations of digital tools. They are now consequently the primary target for technology buying for tech vendors. Is IT being replaced? Not by a long shot. We need to see a tight partnership between marketing and IT now more than ever. Read why it’s crucial that this relationship is a partnership and how companies are approaching complex tech requirements across departments in order to achieve company-wide goals.


How AI is Changing Knowledge Work: MIT’s Thomas Malone

Thomas Malone, Professor of Management at MIT and Christian Reilly, Global Chief Technology Officer at Citrix; interviewed for Business Lab by Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, the CEO and publisher of MIT Technology Review,

First, Malone discusses his book, “Superminds: The Surprising Power of People and Computers Thinking Together.” which explores how groups of people make decisions and how AI, especially Machine Learning, can help in the decision-making process. Additionally, the impact of AI on jobs—and our minds—is discussed. Later, Reilly explains why machine learning is a “force multiplier” making all kinds of consumer and enterprise applications more useful. Listen to the show or read the full transcript here.


The AI And Machine Learning Nirvana: Reachable With The Right Approach

by Hansang Bae, CTO at Riverbed Technology and contributing writer for Forbes Technology Council, featured on

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are powerful technologies often hailed as an operational nirvana. There is a real potential for success as long as organizations use carefully prepare. Therefore, it is paramount to invest the research and time it will take to properly strategize AI/ML investments if businesses want to take most effective approach. Therefore, here are some important things to plan for and keep in mind as you craft your Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning strategies.


5 Ways to Make AI a Part of Your Marketing in 2019

by Indrajeet Deshpande Community Contributor to MarTech Advisor, featured on

Artificial Intelligence made enormous strides in 2018 and that trend is expected as we move forward into this year. There are many useful ways to effectively incorporate AI into your marketing plan as a result. From content creation to data-driven lead scoring to intent-driven advertising, AI aids in improving your interaction with your customers in many steps along the buying journey. Here are five ways this is possible.


AI Is Within Reach for Small Business Marketing

by Kris Barton, Chief Product Officer at Gannett, Guest Writer for Entrepreneur, featured on

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning marketing tools can seem overwhelming and costly for small business marketing teams. Rather, new tools are becoming accessible and more affordable by the day. These small businesses can’t afford – in ROI terms – to continually deploy efforts to see what might ‘stick’. Small businesses have everything to gain from these valuable technologies as a result. They’ll allow for better decision making and providing a richer customer experience.



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