In this week’s roundup, we look at how marketers can benefit from understanding and implementing AI (artificial intelligence). We also learn about two brothers who are encouraging AI literacy, the differences between AI and ML (machine learning), and the results of Deloitte’s annual State of AI in the Enterprise report. 

How Automation, AI And Analytics Are Driving Martech Amidst Market Challenges

by Daniel Newman, contributing writer to

As automation leads to budget cuts across many companies’ marketing departments, teams are being asked to do more with less. The solution for these teams lies in leaning into automation and marketing technology rather than in fighting against it. Organizations have long been collecting data, but few are using them to their full potential. It’s critical that in order to stay relevant, marketing teams leverage that data to improve campaign performance and improve ROI.


These Young Immigrant Brothers Are Teaching AI to High-Schoolers for Free: We Want to Give Kids “A Lucky Break”

by Catherine Clifford, contributing writer for

Breakthroughs in AI are disrupting a wide range of industries, which is why Haroon and Hamza Choudry founded their nonprofit, A.I. for Anyone. The organization’s goal is to teach young adults about the possibilities of AI and help them become forward-thinking as they consider their future careers. By increasing AI literacy, the brothers hope to help high-schoolers avoid choosing careers that could be negatively affected by advances in AI and to see possibilities in areas where AI could lead them to success. The nonprofit offers workshops, a newsletter, and a podcast.


Five Terms Marketers Should Know to Succeed In An AI Future

by Vance Revie, contributor for

Since its inception, digital marketing has always been a fast-moving field with quickly changing terminology. However, with AI-powered marketing tools becoming commonplace, marketers who want to succeed need to have keen knowledge of AI and how to best apply it to improve campaign performance. From “AI analytics” to “confidence and probability,” discover the five terms that smart marketers should learn and ensure they understand.


AI and ML: Are They One and the Same?

by Fatima Syed, contributing writer to

While AI and ML are sometimes used interchangeably, they are closely related but distinctly different tools. One simple way to think of them is to view ML as a subset of AI, which also includes other technologies such as deep learning, natural language processing, and speech recognition. Machine learning is more specific than AI. It involves machines that become more advanced over time as they “learn” while processing data. Businesses and individuals can benefit by understanding the unique roles that AI and ML play and how each can be applied to their operations.


Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise

by Jessica Davis, staff writer for

Curious how your organization stacks up against your competitors when it comes to utilizing AI? Tthe consulting firm Deloitte has recently released its third annual State of AI in the Enterprise report, and it contains some eye-opening data on how businesses are using AI. Deloitte found that most organizations fall into one of three areas: those who have data but are just beginning to consider how to put it to work, those who have AI projects in place and are working to scale them, and those who actively use AI in departments across their organization. The report found that although few organizations fall into the latter group, that is unlikely to remain the case.


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