Top 5 steps to operationalize analytics models and increase their long-term value to your organization. See which data science jobs are predicted to rise in prominence in 2022. Plus, advanced technologies increasing warehouse automation. And, AI to eavesdrop on animals? It’s true, and it could help save endangered species.   

AI helps record data on species to monitor biodiversity over time 

By Max Witynski, contributing writer for 

If a tree falls in the forest, and only artificial intelligence is listening, is a data point recorded? Such questions have become pertinent to a collaborative research project by scientists from the University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Wisconsin–Madison. 


Five Steps To Operationalizing Advanced Analytics Models 

By Patrick McDonald, contributing writer for 

Many organizations struggle to operationalize advanced analytics and data science models to meet the goals of the business.  


Top 10 Data Science Jobs That Will Rise to Prominence in 2022 

By Sayantani Sanyal, contributing writer for 

Data science encompasses the theoretical and practical application of ideas, including big data, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence. The importance of data science in the world of business and commerce cannot be understated. The ability to understand the market and curate strategies that will prove profitable is a commendable job. Companies are hiring professionals to leverage the benefits of data science to their advantage. Pursuing a career in data science is a smart move, not because it is trendy and pays well, but because it is the pillar that enables the entire industry to transform. In this article, we have listed the 10 data science jobs that will gain more popularity in 2022. 


Top 3 Predictions on the Future of Automation in Warehousing 

By Mark Allinson, contributing writer for 

In recent years, warehouses worldwide have adapted advanced technologies to automate processes to enhance efficiency. 

In fact, a report by Research and Markets reveals that the global warehouse automation market will reach $30.99 billion in 2025, according to PR Newswire. But that’s not all there is in warehouse automation. 


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