In our final weekly roundup of the year, we share predictions for what’s to come in 2020. We consider how AI will shape personalization and how automation will transform finance processes. We also explore the world of artificial intelligence (AI), technology, and digital marketing as we enter a new decade. 

How Will AI Shape Personalization in 2020?

by Chiradeep BasuMallick, contributing writer for 

With more data available than ever before, it’s imperative for marketers to personalize their campaigns to address the needs of customer segments. In this article, learn five ways that AI can help make personalization a reality, personalization trends to keep in mind, and real-world examples of putting it into play. Finally, learn some considerations to take with you as you step into the new year. 


Automation and Machine Learning: Transforming the Office Of the CFO

by Steve Dunne, staff writer for 

Only 13 percent of CFOs polled in a recent survey said their finance organizations use automation technologies. While this number seems on the low side, automation is coming to the finance function. After all, corporate finance teams spend about 80 percent of their time manually gathering, verifying, and consolidating data, leaving only about 20 percent for higher-level tasks, such as analysis and decision-making. This leaves an enormous opportunity for transformation. 


Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2020

by James Kobielus, contributing writer for

AI has deeply impacted every segment of the technology industry. AI is being used to improve everything from applications to development tools to computing platforms, database management systems, middleware, management, monitoring tools, and more. What changes can we expect to see as we transition into a new decade? Find out. 


25 Tech Predictions for 2020

by Christina DesMarais, contributing writer for

A look at 2020 compared to the technology in 2010 clarifies how much has evolved in the past ten years. The coming decade will be much different. Here are more than two dozen predictions about what to expect, according to industry experts and executives. Wearable tech, AI, privacy, and more! 


​Predictions: 9 Digital Marketing Predictions For 2020

by Vanessa Mitchell, contributing writer for 

Data-driven marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies are accelerating thanks to marketing technology maturity and the rise of AI and ML, customer data management platforms, and orchestration capabilities. So what’s in store for digital marketing in 2020? A few industry experts were asked this question and provided their thoughts. 



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