Predicting portable power: New ML model identifies battery charge and health

By Giordana Verrengia, contributing writer for

Lithium ion batteries are the go-to power source for many of our favorite devices like cell phones and laptops, and their presence will continue to expand as electric vehicles become the new standard, replacing gasoline-powered cars.


Exploring the marketing potential of predictive AI

By Alex Macura, contributing writer for

Success in business is all about being proactive – being able to anticipate what will happen in the future, and then using this information to your advantage.


5 ways to use AI and machine learning in dataops

By Isaac Sacolick, contributing writer for

Data wrangling, dataops, data prep, data integration—whatever your organization calls it, managing the operations to integrate and cleanse data is labor intensive. Many businesses struggle to integrate new data sets efficiently, improve data quality, centralize master data records, and create cleansed customer data profiles.


Not too big: Machine learning tames huge data sets

By Charles Poling, contributing writer for

A machine-learning algorithm demonstrated the capability to process data that exceeds a computer’s available memory by identifying a massive dataset’s key features and dividing them into manageable batches that don’t choke computer hardware. Developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the algorithm set a world record for factorizing huge datasets during a test run on Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Summit, the world’s fifth-fastest supercomputer.


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