How to use predictive analytics for improved marketing and customer satisfaction

By Murali Nethi, contributing writer for

As the volume and variety of customer data continues to grow exponentially, predictive analytics has emerged as a crucial tool for personalized and relevant marketing. By analyzing past behaviors, preferences, and other attributes, companies can better understand how to engage each customer.


Exploring the role of labeled data in machine learning

By Matthew Duffin, contributing writer for

If there’s one thing that has fueled the rapid progress of AI and machine learning (ML), it’s data. Without high-quality labeled datasets, modern supervised learning systems simply wouldn’t be able to perform.


From gut feel to data-driven decisions: How ML can inform investment priorities for CTOs

By Balaji Sreenivasan, contributing writer for

Technology moves fast. Businesses are used to adapting to new technological trends to expand their reach and capability, but the pace of change we are experiencing at the moment is unprecedented.


How AI can tackle 5 global challenges

By Sean Captain, contributing writer for

Aphorisms like “Two heads are better than one” and “Many hands make light work” are realized with artificial intelligence, which delivers the equivalent of dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions of additional minds or hands. AI raises legitimate fears about replacing human creativity. But it can also augment human ingenuity to tackle the most complex problems of engineering and logistics or offer critical labor assistance for chronically understaffed schools, hospitals, and other institutions.


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