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Download our PSI Excel & Tableau Data Templates

In the Guide:

  • We’ve got you covered when it comes to complex data analysis. When there’s a lot of information, it is time-consuming and not efficient to comb through hundreds of tables and charts to determine which variables are most interesting and illustrate the differences between the two groups.

  • The Population Stability Index (PSI) provides a score for each variable that takes into consideration both the raw difference and the relative distributional difference between the group of interest and the comparison group.

  • Why PSI? The approach surfaces not only which variables are most different between the two groups, but also how much different the variables are in comparison to each other.

  • We make it easy for you! Fill out the form to access an Excel and Tableau template that illustrates how to perform PSI scoring with sample data.

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PSI at a Glance

The PSI formula might look like this:

PSI = Sum((GroupofInterest% – ComparisonGroup%) x LN(GroupofInterest%/ComparisonGroup%))

In the templates provided an example is shown providing 25 variables from thousands of credit card clients that have defaulted. Using the PSI statistic we can quickly see that variable Pay 2 had the largest distributional difference between the <$150k group and the $150k+group. This approach saves time, makes clear what is most important and surfaces the relative importance of all the variables to one another.

A general rule of thumb is a PSI > 0.25 is a significant difference. Anything less than that isn’t significant.

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