Quantum physics exponentially improves machine learning

By Emily Conover, contributing writer for Sciencenews.org

On certain types of machine learning tasks, quantum computers have an exponential advantage over standard computation, scientists report in the June 10 Science. The researchers proved that, according to quantum math, the advantage applies when using machine learning to understand quantum systems. And the team showed that the advantage holds up in real-world tests.


Why data-driven marketing needs AI and machine learning

By Bobby Gray, contributing writer for Thedrum.com

Today’s marketers face major challenges as the regulatory and technical environment in which they operate continues to shift, while the days of the third-party cookie are severely numbered. Bobby Gray, head of analytics and data marketing at Artefact, looks at how organizations can tackle the resulting data loss with a first-party data mindset – and the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Why poor data quality is holding back big data

By Martin Williams, contributing writer for Technative.io

We can’t expect an algorithm to deliver accurate insights if it is fed with low quality data. Yet, all too often poor data quality only becomes a recognized issue when the algorithm starts delivering obviously dud results. The rest of the time, the vast majority of enterprises are content to put up with incomplete, inaccurate, duplicate or otherwise low-quality data, which can be felt any number of ways: a minor inconvenience here, a laggy system there and a reliance on guesswork, workarounds and manual processes.


Of data lakes and fabrics and the power of the algorithm in banking

By Nitin Sareen, contributing writer for Expresscomputer.in

An algorithm that protects you from bank fraud by spotting an anomaly in the angle at which your phone is tilted, or the speed at which you type, is not science fiction.



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