In machine learning, synthetic data can offer real performance improvements

By Adam Zewe, contributing writer for

Teaching a machine to recognize human actions has many potential applications, such as automatically detecting workers who fall at a construction site or enabling a smart home robot to interpret a user’s gestures.


Seven trends shaping digital transformation in 2023

By Vala Afshar, contributing writer for

Adapting to changing customer needs quickly and driving more efficient growth will be big agenda items for CXOs going into 2023, according to the latest research from MuleSoft.


AI Clinical Decision Support Tool Predicts Risk of Diabetes Complications

By Shania Kennedy, contributing writer for

Researchers at the University of Houston (UH) have developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based clinical decision support tool that leverages deep learning (DL) to predict which patients are more likely to experience diabetes complications.


Machine Learning for Inventory Forecasting

By Ara Surenian, contributing writer for

Everyone in industry and, these days, most consumers are aware of the chaos in the world of supply chains. It’s a complex issue, but one thing is clear: Everything starts with demand.


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