Nanostructured lens uses machine learning to “see” more clearly

By contributing writers for

A front-end lens, or meta-imager (see below), created at Vanderbilt University can potentially replace traditional imaging optics in machine-vision applications, producing images at higher speed and using less power.


Accelerating how new drugs are made with machine learning

By University of Cambridge, contributing writers for

Researchers have developed a platform that combines automated experiments with AI to predict how chemicals will react with one another, which could accelerate the design process for new drugs.


Machine learning algorithm decodes mutations driving cancer treatment resistance

By Miles Martin, contributing writer for

In a groundbreaking study published on January 18, 2024, in Cancer Discovery, scientists at University of California San Diego School of Medicine leveraged a machine learning algorithm to tackle one of the biggest challenges facing cancer researchers: predicting when cancer will resist chemotherapy.


What does data-driven mean in business?

By Sandra Vogel, contributing writer for

As data has become a more important asset, the term ‘data-driven’ has become something of a buzzword.  But what does data-driven mean in business in practical terms? In order to be meaningfully data-driven, businesses have a number of criteria to meet and must have a solid data management strategy in place.


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