Unpacking the “black box” to build better AI models

By Adam Zewe, contributing writer for News.mit.edu

When deep learning models are deployed in the real world, perhaps to detect financial fraud from credit card activity or identify cancer in medical images, they are often able to outperform humans.


Deciphering data science and machine learning

By Paul Mah, contributing writer for Cdotrends.com

We often hear data science mentioned in the same breath as machine learning. While they are distinct, the two fields are also closely intertwined.


How big data analytics will transform casinos

By Industry Trends, contributing writers for Analyticsinsight.net

As one of the world’s most cutthroat markets, it is no surprise that the casino business has jumped on the big data analytics bandwagon. Casinos may improve their tracking of consumer behavior, learn more about their patrons’ requirements and preferences, and streamline their operations using big data analytics. Notably, some of the casinos reviewed on SF Gate are utilizing big data analytics to tailor their offering to suit specific customers. The article takes an in-depth look into how casinos utilize big data analytics to streamline their operations.


10 ways entrepreneurs can leverage machine learning to elevate their business

By Prabhat Sharma, contributing writer for Forbes.com

We’ve seen no shortage of impressive technological developments over the last few decades. However, few are more exciting or have more potential to transform life as we know it than machine learning (ML).


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