Predictive maintenance: ensuring business continuity with AI

By Kevin Miller, contributing writer for

In today’s world of “always on” production, where factories and production equipment run 24/7, any failure results in significant disruption to production that sometimes even creates a cascading effect to other downstream businesses. To ensure operational reliability, performing adequate maintenance is key. Businesses already know that — so it’s not a question of why, but a question of when.


UltraSense uses machine learning to make better touch controls in cars

By Dean Takahashi, contributing writer for

UltraSense Systems announced it has created new touch-control sensors for cars that are more accurate because they use machine learning.


Tech trends 2023: predictive analytics, edge computing and zero trust will be hot

By Calvin Hennick, contributing writer for

If the past several years have proved anything, it’s that trying to predict the future is a fool’s errand.


Will predictive analytics disrupt marketing in 2023?

By Gagan Uppal, contributing writer for

The advertising industry is one of the most developing sectors in the digitalized world and with the way it’s enhancing by leaps and bounds, there is no doubt that sky’s the limit for its futuristic growth and advancements. In fact, with the gradual transformation in the ad universe, the brands are also seeing a paradigm shift as the digital ecosystem is increasingly becoming cautious towards users’ online privacy and security.


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