This week, we’ve gathered articles that examine several ways to transform your marketing with data. We examine how Artificial Intelligence can improve your nonprofit fundraising channels, the ever-changing IT professional landscape, and we learn how to choose the right chart type to best illustrate what your data shows.

6 Ways to Transform Your Marketing With Data

by Ellie Mirman, guest post for

Data can be overwhelming and confusing. It’s easy to fall down the ‘rabbit hole’ of data, getting lost in the details. But, if used correctly, it can truly transform your marketing if you know how to use it. It can aid in understanding what’s working (and more importantly, what’s not working). It can provide a deep understanding of your market, allowing the right product, message, or experience delivery to your customers. And so much more. Here are six ways to use data to transform your marketing.


Activating Customer Data: How Modern Customer Data Platforms Are Changing the Game

by Indrajeet Deshpande, staff writer for

Knowing how to use customer data can be a gamechanger for your product and organization. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) enable you to activate your customer data in a few key ways to take your organization’s marketing efforts to the next level. The availability of an enormous amount of customer data allows for the marketing, sales, support, data, and business intelligence teams to discover untapped opportunities. Here’s how you can use customer data to improve your product, sales, and marketing activities with the help of modern CDPs.


How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Nonprofit Fundraising Channels

by France Hoang, contributing writer for

The nonprofit sector is quietly becoming an early adopter of artificial intelligence (AI). They’re achieving this through teamwork: human fundraisers teaming up with AI assistants, each doing what they do best. The AI assistant develops and applies algorithms to ingest, clean, enrich, and then search through large amounts of data in order to recognize patterns and give non-intuitive recommendations. Then, the human fundraiser applies judgment and context to select from those recommendations the right donor and message. This human-AI team is the future of nonprofit fundraising. In this article, learn three common fundraising channels, how AI can take each to the next level, and how the human-AI fundraising team is a win-win.


How IT Roles Are Changing

by Lisa Morgan, commentary for

Non-traditional IT roles are emerging with new business models and technology. Digital transformation, the AI craze, and organizations’ increasing reliance on cloud environments require collaborative relationships between the business and IT. As a result, IT roles are starting to sound more and more like business roles. It’s not only about strictly technical IT skills anymore. Organizations need more than that. Now, more than ever, both soft- and business skills are important for many IT positions. Finding the sweet spot between specialized and general IT talent is key.


How to Choose the Right Chart Type

By ActiveWizards, reposted for

Data is only valuable if your key stakeholders are able to understand the insights that data is telling us. Charts aid in helping us understand. They are visual representations of data in a clear and simple manner. They allow you to identify and understand patterns, trends, and interconnections. This article dives into the different types of charts and what they’re best used for. Also included is a useful decision-tree infographic that aims to help you identify the right chart for the job.


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