In this week’s roundup, we examine how data can be used to bridge the IT skills gap and how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can be used in engineering. We learn how regularly analyzing your data can help you avoid losing your customers. And finally, we look at how AI can be an integral part in your IT service management platform (ITSM).

Bridge the IT Skills Gap With Data and Analytics

by Zvi Guterman, contributing writer for 

Data is meant to be leveraged and turned into actionable intelligence. It provides valuable insights that can fuel many areas of business. But identifying all areas of business that can reap the benefits may not always be easy. One often overlooked area of improvement is that of your IT team’s skills gap. 


How Is Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Used In Engineering?

by Bernard Marr, contributing writer for 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—AI and ML are changing many industries. And engineering is no exception. This technology may cause the tasks of engineers to evolve. There are questions about how the job of engineers will change, but it’s futile to resist this transformation. The sooner it’s adopted, the sooner engineering will be able to capitalize on the advantages of the technology.


Avoiding Death by a Thousand Cuts: Analyze Your CX Data, Keep Your Customers

by Adam Waid, contributing writer for

Customers leave for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s a big reason like excessive downtime or a data breach. Other times, they find a better product. But typically, it’s due to poor compounding experiences that cause customers to leave. Looking at the data and your blindspots will help you avoid this. How can you reverse the trend? Be proactive in reviewing and analyzing customer data. 


ITSM Platforms Gain Artificial Intelligence

by Jessica Davis, contributing writer for 

Tracking work, prioritizing tasks, and making sure user issues get solved is part of any successful IT organization. And your IT service management platform (ITSM) is the key to doing this successfully. Even today, ITSM and related tools and platforms are about to change in a significant way, driven by the data revolution. AI will become an integral part. Here’s a look at what ServiceNow is doing to incorporate AI. 



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