How AI is helping companies redesign processes

By Thomas H. Davenport, Matthias Holweg and Dan Jeavons, contributing writers for

In the 1990s, business process reengineering was all the rage: Companies used budding technologies such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and the internet to enact radical changes to broad, end-to-end business processes. Buoyed by reengineering’s academic and consulting proponents, companies anticipated transformative changes to broad processes like order-to-cash and conception to commercialization of new products.


The role of AI and data in enabling the journey from precision medicine to personalized care “micro-targeting”

By AWS, contributing writers for

Precision medicine is emerging from the convergence of AI computing and omics data. The potential it brings across the industry is accelerating the journey to “micro targeted” personalized care across healthcare and life science. Join Dr. Christine Perales, Global Digital Health & Life Science Practice Lead at Quantiphi, and Rahul Ghate, Head of Worldwide Partner Development for Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Analytics at Amazon Web Services, as they discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications can play an enablement role in overcoming challenges and barriers along the journey to micro-targeted personalized care.


The end of marketing or a new beginning? The truth about AI

By Tim Parkin, contributing writer for

Love it or hate it, the artificial intelligence revolution is here. People can’t stop talking about ChatGPT, OpenAI and how AI will fundamentally change the world. Marketers everywhere are obsessing over the newly discovered power of AI.


Causal AI: A new direction for process inspection in manufacturing

By Cyrus Shaoul, contributing writer for

The close link between the human brain and our eyes is an immensely powerful tool that we all use to “keep an eye on” what is going on around us. For years, manufacturers have drawn upon a similar concept with “seeing machines” that combine cameras and computers to improve product inspection. Lately, we have seen a related category of visual-AI applications designed to analyze productivity.


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