Overcoming the C-Suite’s Distrust of AI

By Andy Thurai and Joe McKendrick, contributing writers for HBR.org

Despite rising investments in artificial intelligence (AI) by today’s enterprises, trust in the insights delivered by AI can be a hit or a miss with the C-suite. Are executives just resisting a new, unknown, and still unproven technology, or their hesitancy is rooted in something deeper?


Machine learning will be one of the best ways to identify habitable exoplanets

By Matt Williams, contributing writer for Phys.org

The field of extrasolar planet studies is undergoing a seismic shift. To date, 4,940 exoplanets have been confirmed in 3,711 planetary systems, with another 8,709 candidates awaiting confirmation. With so many planets available for study and improvements in telescope sensitivity and data analysis, the focus is transitioning from discovery to characterization. Instead of simply looking for more planets, astrobiologists will examine “potentially-habitable” worlds for potential “biosignatures.”


How to successfully implement automation and data-driven decision-making tools to improve your business

By Alberto Rossi, contributing writer for Bizjournals.com

Automation and data-driven decision-making are often associated with tech giants like Amazon and Google. The success of these corporations often rests on the efficiency of their operations. Over the years, these companies have perfected their decision-making so that all the tasks that are too mundane to be performed by a human are automated. Every time a new product or process is put in place, it is tested thoroughly to ensure it improves the firm’s overall efficiency.


Wildlife Photos are a New Treasure Trove for AI-Driven Conservation Research

By Kathleen Wong, contributing writer for Theverge.com

If you look at a photograph of leopards, would you be able to tell which two were related based on their spots?


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