Leveraging AI to make mental health care more accessible. Plus, prescriptive analytics remain the best way to improve multi-variable decision making. And why “open banking” is important for customers but still might not be coming to the U.S. anytime soon.

Machine Learning Models Predict Compressed Air Anomalies

By Nils Beckmann & Michael Britzger, contributing writers for Powermotiontech.com

The energy supply in a company is not only essential for successful industrial production, but also represents a significant cost factor in manufacturing. For this reason, manufacturing companies, as well as developers of components for energy supply, are more frequently concerned with optimizing their production and products.


A Look at Prescriptive Analytics and The Value They Can Deliver

By Lesley Harrison, contributing writer for Cmswire.com

Data analytics is a vast field and one that covers many areas. In the world of business, analytics is used to forecast trends and predict demand or challenges. Today, businesses have access to huge amounts of data about their customer’s interests, preferences and behaviors. Prescriptive analytics is one way of putting that data to use to make better business decisions. Business analytics has three parts, including descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.


The Rise of Open Banking: How Big Data Is Changing Fintech

By Derin Cag, contributing writer for Fintechmagazine.com

The rise of open banking is revolutionizing how people use and interact with their finances.


Deploying machine learning to improve mental health

By Alison Gold, Danny Gross and Abdul Latif Jameel, contributing writers for News.MIT.edu

A machine-learning expert and a psychology researcher/clinician may seem an unlikely duo. But MIT’s Rosalind Picard and Massachusetts General Hospital’s Paola Pedrelli are united by the belief that artificial intelligence may be able to help make mental health care more accessible to patients.


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