AI, ML and automation: What agencies need to know

By Scott Sullivan, contributing writer for

The marketing universe is abuzz with talk about generative AI. How are other marketers using it? What are the best practices? What’s next on the horizon?


Predictive maintenance helps water operators achieve sustainability goals

By Louis Nitzschke, contributing writer for

Next to energy for power, water is one of the most important resources for the process manufacturing industry. Water Louquality is critical for utility water, such as cooling water, and for water used in the manufacturing process itself. At the end of production, processed water becomes wastewater that must be treated before it can be discharged from the plant. Engineers must use advanced separation techniques to ensure the quality of water is correct, sometimes down to the concentration of a few nanograms per liter.


New ML model detects dementia in speech

By Loukia Papadopoulous, contributing writer for

Scientists have conceived of a machine-learning model capable of detecting speech patterns that are linked to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. The new tool will be used for early evaluation of the conditions.


Breaking the 21-day myth: Machine learning unlocks the secrets of habit formation

By California Institute of Technology, contributing writers for

Putting on your workout clothes and getting to the gym can feel like a slog at first. Eventually, you might get in the habit of going to the gym and readily pop over to your Zumba class or for a run on the treadmill. A new study from social scientists at Caltech now shows how long it takes to form the gym habit: an average of about six months.


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