Advanced analytics is bringing more science to the art of strategy development. Don’t discount the positive impact. Also, see how digital analytics is expanding in new and exciting ways.

Improving strategic outcomes with advanced analytics

By Sasha Vesuvala and Sean Brown, contributing writers for

In this episode of the Inside the Strategy Room podcast, we explore how digital analytics is revolutionizing strategy. Nicholas Northcote, who for years led McKinsey’s research on strategic decision making, is joined by Sagie Davidovich, the cofounder and CEO of SparkBeyond, a McKinsey partner company that operates an AI-driven analytics platform, and Sasha Vesuvala, who leads much of McKinsey’s work in applying advanced analytics to strategy and growth-related questions. This is an edited transcript of the discussion.


Using machine learning to derive black hole motion from gravitational waves

By Jeremy Thomas, contributing writer for

The announcement that the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) had detected gravitational waves during the merger of two black holes sent ripples throughout the scientific community in 2016. The earthshaking news not only confirmed one of Albert Einstein’s key predictions in his general theory of relativity, but also opened a door to a better understanding of the motion of black holes and other spacetime-warping phenomena.


Artificial intelligence that understands object relationships

By Adam Zewe, contributing writer for

When humans look at a scene, they see objects and the relationships between them. On top of your desk, there might be a laptop that is sitting to the left of a phone, which is in front of a computer monitor.


Data Analytics Promotes Patient Blood Management Programs

By Erin McNemar, contributing writer for

A Mayo Clinic study using data analytics indicates that hospitals can reduce unnecessary blood transfusions and costs by implementing patient blood management programs. According to the findings, blood management programs can also reduce the length of hospital stay and improve patient outcomes.


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