Learn what top marketing trends are driving an increase in digital interactions. Plus, how 9 uses of ML are improving business communications? And making the task of managing vast amounts of data more efficient using AI.  And finally, how virtual reality, machine learning and other industrial automation are being applied in the entertainment industry. 

The Top Marketing Trends: AI and Automation Drive Digital Interactions 

By Linda Pophal, contributing writer for Destinationcrm.com 

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses had to shut down operations entirely. A wide range of other businesses quickly pivoted to new business models that would allow them to continue operating remotely, without person-to-person interactions. Marketers’ experiences over the past year have led to some significant consumer shifts. 


9 Uses of Machine Learning in Business Communications 

By Kavika Roy, contributing writer for Iotforall.com 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are becoming an integral part of our lives, at work or home. Enterprises use AI and ML to streamline the business processes and help employees become more productive. 


Data Management with AI: Making Big Data Manageable 

By Jenn Fulmer, contributing writer for ITbusinessedge.com 

On a global scale, people are estimated to generate 463 exabytes (one exabyte = one billion gigabytes) of data each day by 2025. To put that in context, at the start of 2020, approximately 44 zettabytes of data (one zettabyte = one trillion gigabytes) existed overall. If companies tried to shift through this data on their own, it would be an unmanageable task. But artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible because AI models can work much faster than humans, and they don’t require breaks. 


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation Transforming the Film Industry 

By Thomas R. Cutler, contributing writer for Automation.com  

In an interview with Jacob Kyle Young (JKY), actor and founder of Post Modern Entertainment, TR Cutler describes how virtual reality, machine learning, and other industrial automation is being applied in the entertainment industry. 


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