AI: Is the intelligence artificial or amplified?

By Mark Heymann, contributing writer for

In today’s environment, there’s barely a day that goes by when there isn’t some discussion or article written about the latest in artificial intelligence. It’s a very exciting time as we look at what computers can accomplish with or without human intervention.


Predictive AI unlocks big data’s true potential

By Adam O’Dell, contributing writer for

We have data on everything, from weather patterns to shopping patterns, from social media posts to emails and everything in between.


From insights to decision intelligence: Navigating the modern BI landscape

By Casey Ciniello, contributing writer for

In the current age of digital transformation, data has emerged as the cornerstone of business operations. The rapid accumulation of information brings opportunities and challenges for organizations seeking to harness data’s potential. As evidenced by recent statistics from the Reveal survey, data-driven strategies are on the rise, with eight in ten software developers (80.8%) incorporating embedded analytics and business intelligence tools into their products. This trend reflects the growing recognition of the transformative power of data.


Will generative AI drive the next shift in advertising?

By Stephen Noble, contributing writer for

Stephen Noble is an innovation expert with robust experience on the media agency side and AdTech & MarTech product creation. He is passionate about translating trends into productive results for agencies, helping them and their customers to gain a competitive edge and impactful returns.


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