If you thought AI and ML made an impact in 2021 see where analysts say they’re headed in the New Year.  

Top 8 AI and ML Trends to Watch in 2022 

By Kashyap Vyas, contributing writer for ITbusinessedge.com 

2022 will be a crucial year as we witness artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) continue to stride along the path to turning themselves into the most disruptive yet transformative technology ever developed. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the impact of AI would be even more significant than that of fire or electricity on the development of humans as a species. It may be an ambitious claim, but AI’s potential is very clear from the way it has been used to explore space, tackle climate change, and develop cancer treatments. 


Machine Learning Trends for Marketers to Watch in 2022 

By Pierre DeBois, contributing writer for CMSwire.com 

Machine learning and AI research are making strides daily, with interesting implications for business. While it feels like a lot of the cool innovations are happening only in the scientific fields, progress can be seen in the marketing discipline too. Below are some areas for marketers to explore to improve their processes.  


Top 10 Latest Machine Learning Algorithms to Know for 2022 

By Shivani Muthyala, contributing writer for Analyticinsight.net 

In a world where all the manual tasks are automated, machine learning algorithms can help computers in playing chess, get smarter and to perform surgeries. One of the vital features of this revolution is how computing tools and techniques have been democratized. Machine learning can be supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised and reinforcement learning. If you are one of the data scientists or machine learning enthusiasts then you should get a hang of the machine learning algorithms. Here are the top 10 latest machine learning algorithms to explore in 2022. 


The Evolution of Big Data Analytics in 2022:  Top 10 Hidden Trends  

By Sayantani Sanyal, contributing writer for Analyticinsight.net 

In the era of data and information, big data is no longer new to businesses and society. It is a known fact that via big data solutions, organizations can generate insights and make well-informed decisions, discover new market trends, and improve productivity. As the amounts of data continue to grow, organizations are looking for new innovative ways to optimize big data. One of the major relationships of big data analytics with businesses is that their dependence on the internet increases, along with the amount of data generated by the rapid development and evolvement of technology. In 2022, the global big data market powered by big data analytics trends attained US$208 billion. It is expected that the big data market is expected to reach US$250 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 10%. In this article, we have listed some big data analytics hidden trends to get to the core of its evolution in 2022. 


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