In this week’s roundup, scientists are developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can compete at the world’s premier math competition. The Decoding Anti-Semitism project unites scientists internationally to help fight anti-Semitism with AI. Machine Learning (ML) is helping researchers create bioscaffolds that could help speed up the healing process. The pandemic has reshaped the way business is done and those who embrace AI and ML have the upper hand.

At the Math Olympiad, Computers Prepare to Go for the Gold

By Kevin Hartnett, contributing writer for Quanta Magazine

Yesterday kicked off the 61st International Mathematical Olympiad, the world’s premier math competition. This is the first time that the event is being held virtually, due to COVID-19, and it may be the last time that artificial intelligence doesn’t compete. Computer scientists are hard at work developing an AI system that can win gold. 


Scientists Combat Anti-Semitism with Artificial Intelligence

By Kristen Grieshaber for the Associated Press

With the help of AI, scientists from around the world are joining forces to stop the spread of online anti-Semitism with the Decoding Anit-Semitism project. They’ll be using a highly-complex AI approach to identify implicit anti-Semitism and sift through enormous amounts of data and images that would take humans ages.


Machine Learning Could Speed Healing Process for Tissue Injuries

By Jessica Kent, contributing writer for Health IT Analytics

According to a study done by Rice University researchers, machine learning was able to predict the quality of bioscaffolds used to help tissue injuries heal. Bioscaffold materials serve as placeholders for injured tissue with a bone-like structure. The researchers have been using 3D printing to create biocompatible implants, improving the techniques used to heal craniofacial and musculoskeletal wounds. This study shows the continually evolving role of machine learning and AI in engineering and healthcare.


The 4 Top Artificial Intelligence Trends For 2021

By Bernard Marr, contributing writer for

COVID-19 turned 2020 upsidedown, impacting many aspects of how business is done in the US and worldwide. One thing that hasn’t changed is AI’s influence on our lives. In 2021, expect AI’s influence to continue to increase with smarter big data analytics and insights, automated detection and prevention, and assistance in shutting down the next pandemic before it starts. 


Pandemic Accelerates Machine Learning

By Judah Taub, contributing writer for Information Week

While COVID-19 has greatly damaged some industries, those who embraced technology now have the upper hand. Many who were reluctant to adopt advanced technology, like AI and machine learning, are now seeing the benefits. See how businesses are adapting and learn key takeaways from the rise in machine learning adoption. 


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