In this week’s roundup, we look at several exciting new developments in AI (artificial intelligence) technologies, including an AI that won five simulated fighter-jet dogfights against a top human pilot and a project to reduce MRI scan times by 75 percent. We also examine the many ways that businesses—including retail—can improve outcomes by implementing AI. And finally, we look at the ways in which AI can assist in human creativity.

7 Successful Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Your Business Processes

By Bernard Marr, Editor in Chief at

Workers should not fear AI replacing jobs. On the contrary, employees across organizations should be forward-thinking and excited about the possibilities of AI to make their jobs easier, less tedious, and more efficient. For example, AI can reduce administrative tasks, improve customer service, aid in product development, enhance marketing efforts, and even help hire the right people. 


A US Air Force F-16 Pilot Just Battled AI in 5 Simulated Dogfights, and the Machine Emerged Victorious Every Time

By Ryan Pickrell, contributing writer for

Unmanned drones are commonplace in military operations, but unmanned fighter jets are a new frontier. The potential of AI-flown aircraft was highlighted by a spectacular event last week when an AI algorithm battled an ace human pilot in simulated dogfights. The AI won all five one-on-one fights in the final round of the AlphaDogfight competition sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). 


Can Artificial Intelligence Prompt a Creative Revolution?

By Sam Fletcher, contributing writer for

In general, AI learns from data and predicts outcomes. But, does it have the ability to be creative? Some scientists say yes and point to AI technologies that produce poetry, visual art, and even horror stories. Others, though, argue that while AI can be trained to mimic human creativity, that is not the same as being inherently creative. AI, as of now, doesn’t have the social, emotional, and cultural intelligence that humans possess. However, many agree that AI has the potential to augment human creativity by reducing menial tasks, expanding the horizons of possibilities, and acting as “smart assistants” that allow humans to accomplish more in their creative endeavors. 


Facebook and NYU Use Artificial Intelligence to Make MRI Scans Four Times Faster

By James Vincent, contributing writer for

It’s never fun to get an MRI scan. The machines are uncomfortable, loud, and the scanning process can take an hour or more. A new collaborative project between Facebook’s AI team and New York University is showing that AI technology can speed up the process to be four times faster. It accomplishes this by taking a quarter of the usual data and extrapolating it to create full images that allow for accurate diagnoses. 


Seven Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting the Retail Industry

By Chithrai Mani, contributing writer for

It’s no secret that the retail industry has been completely disrupted. First by online shopping, including the rise of behemoths such as Amazon, and now by the global coronavirus pandemic. Retail businesses that succeed in the future will be those that begin adopting AI now. These technologies include smarter, more personalized shopping experiences both online and in-store as well as improved customer service, pricing models, logistics, and operations. 


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