In this week’s roundup, we look at several articles encouraging companies to move quickly in two areas of content marketing: artificial intelligence and personal data privacy. We learn about best practices when implementing new digital tools in your own company, and we consider how artificial intelligence affects marketers during the coronavirus pandemic. We also look at how CEOs and CDOs of nonprofits can work together to maximize fundraising.

Why AI-Driven Content Is Driving Sales in The Age of Pandemic

by Paul Odnoletkov, contributing writer for

Digital marketing is ever-evolving, and the Covid-19 pandemic is pushing marketers to change their tactics at lightning speed. Artificial intelligence (AI) and social selling are perfectly positioned to step in and help marketers reach buyers. With consumer trust in companies’ content at a low and social distancing in full effect, companies need to mobilize their efforts with AI and machine learning to ensure the right customers are receiving the ideal messages. 


Digital Innovation: Start by Wooing Your Own Workplace

by Kaylan Kumar, contributing writer for 

Information technology leaders need to be more proactive and organized when it comes to introducing new digital technologies within their organizations. The author suggests that leaders consider employees to be customers and implement a process of behavior-change management, understanding user profiles, creating a product roadmap, and aggressively collecting and utilizing employee feedback. 


The CEO Is the Quarterback for Organizational Fundraising

by F. Duke Haddad, contributing writer for

The article’s author, a Chief Development Director (CDO), makes a case for how CEOs and CDOs can optimally work together to drive fundraising efforts. On the CDO’s side, he or she needs to empower the CEO to better understand the fundraising process and see how his or her involvement can increase donations. On the other side, CEOs can be proactively engaged in fundraising and support the CDO by working closely as a team with a strong playbook. 


The Marketing and Privacy Clash – Can Both Work in Unison?

by Juliette Rizkallah, contributing writer for

Marketers who focus now on data privacy now are less likely to be hamstrung in the near future by broadening privacy regulations. It’s increasingly difficult to obtain and use personal data to deliver targeted marketing messages, so marketers need to think ahead about how to ensure their marketing campaigns include a data-privacy component. It’s essential to assume regulations will tighten, with other countries following Europe’s lead with their own GDPR-like laws. 


Five Ways AI Is Changing The Game Of Content Marketing

by Indrajeet Deshpande for 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is empowering content marketing in exciting new ways. Things such as predictive analytics, faster content creation, and automated chatbots will free up time for content creators, allowing them to not just create the content, but also to unleash AI to magnify the results of it. Companies are wise to move quickly in integrating AI in their content marketing to stay ahead of their competitors. 



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