This week, we dig into the unavoidable news of the coronavirus and how it is affecting nonprofits, marketers, and artificial intelligence researchers. We look at how retailers can leverage AI to succeed online, and we consider how having a team of “pirates” can help companies thrive as the world moves ever-faster towards digital. 

Encourage Monthly Giving During Uncertain Times

by Erica Waasdorp, contributing writer for

The Coronavirus outbreak harkens back to the only other time in recent history when nearly every event—including fundraising events—was unexpectedly canceled: September 11, 2001. And with long-planned events suddenly called off back then, nonprofits s to replace the lost donations, and the same thing is happening now. One way to ensure that unforeseen events don’t disrupt fundraising flow is to focus your marketing efforts on encouraging monthly giving in smaller amounts. 


Rethinking Retail with AI 

by Anil Kaul, contributing writer for 

For years shoppers have been moving from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping. Smart retailers have adjusted their strategies by upping their e-commerce strategies. One way retailers have succeeded is by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to create better customer experiences. Amazon is, of course, a behemoth in e-commerce and was an early adopter of AI-driven product suggestions. Now other companies are catching up and using AI in interesting ways to find and engage with their target customers. 


Researchers Will Deploy AI to Better Understand Coronavirus

by Will Knight, contributing writer for

Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers are sometimes criticized for not taking enough responsibility for the moral implications of the technology. But in this time of crisis, they are showing that AI can be used for altruistic purposes by using AI to mine the extensive research coming out around the world about the new coronavirus. Tech companies and researchers are working together to put their algorithms to work finding patterns and hopefully helpful insights into some of the key questions about the pandemic, including how to best control it and how to create an effective vaccine.


Digital Transformation Falling Flat? Bring in the Pirates

by Todd Chusid, contributing writer for

When companies are struggling to thrive in the ever-changing digital world, it might be time to empower people willing to blow it all up. This author takes a cue from Steve Jobs and his strategy of identifying such people, christening them “pirates,” and giving them the power to think, create, build, try, and fail without having an ultimate goal. The author outlines how other companies can implement their own pirate team successfully. 


Your 2020 Crisis Marketing Strategy: Marketing Communication and the Coronavirus

by Indrajeet Deshpande for 

It’s no secret that the new Coronavirus is disrupting work around the world. This article provides a step-by-step guide to adapting your marketing strategy to the new normal, including having a crisis management team and protecting your people. The article recommends identifying short-term and long-term business risks and planning for them. For marketing teams, this likely means getting creative on how you deliver on customer communication. 



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