This week’s roundup looks at how AI is impacting customer experience, organizational lag in big data maturity, the power of descriptive statistics in data science, marketing investment growth, and the increased accessibility of data science for marketers.

Has AI Changed the Way CMOs Deliver Customer Experience? With Gary Miles, GM and CMO at Amdocs

featured on MarTech Advisor

Gary Miles, GM and CMO at Amdocs shares meaningful insights for CMOs to deliver a consistent brand experience along with pro-tips to ace the personalization game. According to Gary, design thinking and partnering with the CIO is a great way to approach the digital transformation challenge.


Big Data Maturity: You’re Not As Mature As You Think

by Jessica Davis, Senior Editor, Enterprise Apps at InformationWeek

Big data is past the hype stage, but are organizations really past the challenges and getting the most value out of big data technologies? Not so much. This article examines the state of big data maturity and the challenges that remain.


Descriptive Statistics: The Mighty Dwarf of Data Science

by Pawel Rzeszucinski, Data Scientist at, featured on KDnuggets

No other mean of data description is more comprehensive than Descriptive Statistics and with the ever increasing volumes of data and the era of low latency decision making needs, its relevance will only continue to increase.


The Data Doesn’t Lie – Marketing’s Future is Bright

by Jerusha Harvey, VP of Education for the Data & Marketing Association (DMA)

In the most recent DMA Business Report, a bi-annual benchmark of marketing investment and results, U.S. marketers reported the highest levels of revenue growth since 2011. They also shared that marketing investment is growing at the highest rate in 5 years.


Marketers, Data Science is More Accessible Than You Think

by Andrea Steffes-Tuttle, Director of Marketing at Lityx

A recent Forbes article quotes Krill Eremenko, the founder and CEO of SuperDataScience saying, “The most powerful data scientists are those who act as bridges between insights and people.” Today’s marketers expect to see insights and results data from the work they do, but there’s a barrier between analysis and understanding.



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