In this week’s roundup, we hear from our very own Paul Maiste on AI and Machine learning in a recent podcast interview. We examine the role and impact of policies on big data and if there’s a gap between expectation and reality of the role of IT and putting data to work. We consider the importance of retention as a result of a recent privacy announcement from Google and we get honest on how to fix algorithmic bias in machine learning (ML). 

Marketing Technology Unleashed: AI Explained with Lityx CEO Paul Maiste

by Andrea Steffes-Tuttle, for

Hosted by Amberleaf’s CEO, Larry Goldman, the Marketing Technology Unleashed podcast regularly interviews experts in and around the marketing space to keep business leaders informed on the latest insights within the marketing technology landscape. Recently, Larry interviewed our CEO and President, Paul Maiste to talk about AI and Machine Learning.


Harnessing Big Data: Can Our Laws and Policies Keep Up?

by Tim Molino, contributing writer for 

The growth of the cloud and the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) technology is allowing us to actually see the value and benefits of what big data can offer. But we’re just at the beginning of the big data revolution. We are also at the beginning of understanding public policy and commercial norms that may be holding society back from realizing its full potential. 


IT Disappoints Business on Data and Analytics

by Jessica Davis, contributing writer for

No one questions the importance, value, and role that data and analytics have on competing in today’s market. But a new survey has found that business groups feel that IT organizations have not stepped up to the task of providing what’s needed to put data and analytics to work. There’s a level of dissatisfaction with what organizations are getting in terms of data and analytics from their IT organizations. What’s expected is not aligning with what’s being delivered. But is that really IT’s fault?


In the Age of Privacy, Retention Is the New Acquisition

by April Mullen, contributing writer for 

In January, Google announced it would phase out support for third-party cookies over the next two years on Chrome. This makes it harder than ever for digital marketers to acquire new customers. As the costs and new challenges to acquire new customers goes up, retaining existing customers becomes more important than ever. And transactional email is here to help. These strong communications tether brands and their consumers and could be the key to a sustainable marketing strategy.


Machine Learning Can’t Fix Algorithmic Bias. But Humans Can.

by Marc Fischer, contributing writer for 

Technology has a long way to go when it comes to the lack of diversity. This is not news to anyone. To put it bluntly, the people behind the technology sector—from founders to hiring managers to investors—are affluent white males. And as a result, bias is unintentionally built into algorithms. Hiring a diverse team to design, code, and build these technologies result in better results. This article breaks this concept down, providing real stats and examples. 



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