How AI can actually be helpful in disaster response

By Tate Ryan-Mosley, contributing writer for

We often hear big (and unrealistic) promises about the potential of AI to solve the world’s ills, and I was skeptical when I first learned that AI might be starting to aid disaster response, including following the earthquake that has devastated Turkey and Syria.


CSU machine learning model helps forecasters improve confidence in storm prediction

By Anne Manning, contributing writer for

When severe weather is brewing and life-threatening hazards like heavy rain, hail or tornadoes are possible, advance warning and accurate predictions are of utmost importance. Colorado State University weather researchers have given storm forecasters a powerful new tool to improve confidence in their forecasts and potentially save lives.


The future of network security: Predictive analytics and ML-driven solutions

By contributing writers for

As the digital age evolves and continues to shape the business landscape, corporate networks have become increasingly complex and distributed. The amount of data a company collects to detect malicious behaviour constantly increases, making it challenging to detect deceptive and unknown attack patterns and the so-called “needle in the haystack”.


How machine learning will transform your industry

By Richard Ambadipudi, contributing writer for

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field with endless potential applications. In the next few years, we will see machine learning transform many industries, including manufacturing, retail and healthcare.


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