In this week’s roundup, learn how artificial intelligence (AI) is helping synthetic voices sound more human. Understand how AI’s role in media is evolving and what to expect from the technology in 2021. Explore how one entrepreneur developed a cryptocurrency and is using AI to help people. And finally, read about how the USDA is using AI to improve America’s food system.

Artificial Intelligence Is Now Shockingly Good at Sounding Human

By Meghan McDonough Chang, contributing writer for

We frequently interact with synthetic voices in our day-to-day lives. From providing us directions to shepherding us through phone call menus to interacting with us as our cell phone assistants. As technology continues to improve through machine learning, these voices are becoming much more human-sounding. It’s no longer just about replicating what we say but how we say it. 


Deciphering the Next Frontier for Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Advertising

by Alok Choudhary, contributing writer for

With Google phasing out third-party cookies, the passage of CCPA’s enforcement date, and a global pandemic, we’re seeing closed ecosystems like Google, Facebook, and Amazon garnering an insurmountable edge in the world of online advertising. Closed ecosystems experience competitive advantages largely because they were built on AI, a technology that is now becoming more readily available to all. This article looks at how AI’s role in media will evolve in the coming years and ultimately give rise to tomorrow’s cast of power players.


Artificial Intelligence (AI): What’s In Store For 2021?

By Tom Taulli, contributing writer for

Investment and innovation of AI have been soaring. Recently,—which provides comprehensive software solutions for large organizations—went public and did very well on its debut. This was a clear validation of the importance of enterprise AI. 2021 is gearing up to be an exciting year for AI. Hear thoughts of industry leaders on predictions of what’s to come.


This Entrepreneur Developed a Cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence to Help People

By Edwin Moreno, contributing writer for

After experiencing professional hardship, entrepreneur Ivan Caballero vowed he would work to leave the world better than he found it. He first developed a social currency, called Social Coin, to encourage people to help each other and pay it forward. Using the learnings of this effort, he then created Citibeats—a project to detect through social data the real-time needs of citizens to make informed decisions using artificial intelligence ethics. Learn more about Caballero’s efforts and the impact they’ve had on the community around him.

Note: This article was translated from the Entrepreneur Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors exist due to this process.


Artificial Intelligence Improves America’s Food System

By Scott Elliott, contributing writer for

Scientists with the USDA have joined forces with over 40 researchers from six organizations to form an institute that will use AI to create the next-generation food system. They hope to use molecular breeding to improve crop yield, quality, and disease resistance. They will also use AI applications and other technology (such as sensing platforms and robotics) to reduce resource use, enhance food safety, and develop tools for consumers to make personalized health decisions.



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