AI powered market research is providing organizations a more efficient, less costly path toward product success. Building a new data team? Consider these cornerstones when hiring. Plus, as we enter an unprecedented era of knowledge and technology, 5 analytic mistakes to avoid.  And lastly, data science is playing an increasingly important role in managing the large fragmented, structured, and unstructured data created by healthcare systems. 

How Artificial Intelligence Is Democratizing Market Research 

By Andy Pandharikar, contributing writer for 

Market research is the foundation of a successful product or service launch. It’s the process of understanding what people want and need, why they want it, their expectations for your offering and how much they are willing to pay for your product or service.  


How to build a data team 

By Christopher Wink, contributing writer for 

It’s increasingly true across sectors that structured, actionable insights from real-world results power decision making. Small startups, big corporations and even social service nonprofits can use the past to predict the future. This has meant data-related jobs are another fast-growing portion of the American economy. 


5 Common Analytics Mistakes And How To Avoid Them 

By Scott Castle, contributing writer for 

We are entering an unprecedented era of knowledge and technology. There are now more than 1 billion knowledge workers, each with the information and expertise to make critical business decisions. At the same time, next-gen BI is moving away from standalone dashboards and dedicated analysts, allowing for insights from data to reach all workers in all the apps they use. Pair those two together and we’re in an age where entire businesses can unleash decision makers and generate unheard-of value across all industries and at all levels. 


The Emerging Role of Data Science in the Health Plan Marketplace 

By Laura Beerman, contributing writer for 

The data scientists will see you now. In fact, they’re here to help not only healthcare consumers but payers through a growing number of insurtech platforms. Independent marketplace platforms are one example, offering payers increased customer retention potential through big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and their linkages to risk analysis, plan selection, and broader health and wealth planning. Such marketplace solutions could provide the missing ingredient for consumer-driven healthcare that complements payer efforts via scale, longevity, and positive customer experience. 


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