In this week’s roundup, we learn about the pitfalls of implementing artificial intelligence (AI) too quickly or with unorganized data. We also look at 20 women who stand out in a field that is dominated by men. We examine the fascinating changes happening in personalization marketing and what to expect as this technology develops.

Artificial Intelligence: The DNA Of Data That Fills The Gap

by Salah Kamel, contributing writer for

By now companies know that using data effectively is essential to lowering costs, making smarter decisions, and increasing profits. But large amounts of data are nearly worthless without the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is necessary to make sense of big data and deliver consequential insights to all sorts of organizations—from banks to retail companies and beyond. 


20 Women Doing Fascinating Work in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science

by Elaine Burke, contributing writer for

It’s well-known across the industry that women are underrepresented in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, but this article proves that there are plenty of women leading the way and speaking their minds about the future of the field. Take Sarah Jarvis of Prowler for example. Jarvis’ company is currently building an AI-powered system that will enable insightful decision-making in a range of complex environments. 


AI Hot Spots: Where Is Artificial Intelligence Heading Now?

by Cynthia Harvey, contributing writer for

This article’s author spoke with three leading experts in artificial intelligence (AI), and all agree that many companies have moved too quickly and have failed to reap the benefits they hoped for. But they also see major opportunities for AI in certain areas, including financial services, cybersecurity, and manufacturing. 


Personality AI: What It Is, How it Works and Why Marketers Need to Know About It

by Greg Skloot, contributing writer for

Personalization in marketing is nothing new, but artificial intelligence (AI) is about to change everything we know about it. By gleaning insights from massive data sets about customers’ demographics, habits, purchase behavior, and pretty much everything else you can imagine; AI is set to take personalization marketing to the next level. 


What’s Propelling Growth for Artificial Intelligence?

by Sachin Vyas, contributing writer for

Increasingly, artificial intelligence (AI) is embedded in nearly every aspect of business, and it’s only going to become more ubiquitous. This article takes a look at three things that are driving the huge rush towards AI: faster computation abilities, access to big data, and deep-learning algorithms. However, the author warns that in order for AI to truly deliver valuable insights, companies need to focus on harnessing clean data in an organized fashion. 



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